All hands on deck - long weekend projects made easy

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Use one of the last long summer weekends and  get your outdoor DIY projects done and dusted. To help you succeed we put together an easy to follow step by step guide to make your deck dreams come true. 


Prep Work
Deck Scrubbing Brush 200mm (NTDSB200)
Angle Sanding Sponge MF 80120 Grit (PASBAMF)
Hand Sander - Plastic  (PAHSP)
Pole Sander Plastic Head (PAPSPL)
Dry Rubbing Sanding Sheets (AUWSSM)
Trade Masking Tape (PAMTSG363PK)

Protective Wear
Disposable Hooded Overalls (PAOP55XL)
Blue Nitrile Gloves (NTNGD10)
BrushBaggy Paint Brush Cover 25mm-75mm (BBS101)
Light Duty Plastic Protection Sheet (PADCLWP)
Surface Shields Shoe Covers (PAOSC) 

Staining Tools
Wooden Paint Stirrer 10L (PAPSW10L)
Paint Pot with Brush Holder 600ml (NTPOTBH)
230mm Heavy Duty Plastic Paint Tray (230TRAYHD)
230mm Tray Liner (230TRAYL)

Pads and Brushes
100mm Mini Rag Roller Kit (A100KIT)
1000 Series Brushes 25 + 75 mm (NTH100025/ NTH100075)
Deck and Stain 230mm Paint Pad (230PPDECK)
230mm Paint Pad Refill (230PPRDECK)
Wool Deck and Stain 230mm Set (230PPWOOL)

1  Clean your deck

For the best stain results taking some extra
time for prep work is vital. Depending on
how old your deck is a dry brush might be
all that’s needed. The Haydn Deck
Scrubbing Brush with its 0.7m to 1.4m
metal extension pole will be your trusted
helper for this step. The stiff synthetic
filament brush head is designed to give you
the best results before staining or oiling.
Now ensure all nails are hammered in flush.
If mould is present, treat it with an anti-mould
product to give an even stain result.

TIP: Letting new decks weather for a season first before staining
achieves better results and a 
nicer finish.

2 Sanding work

Once all dirt is removed, sand down any
nooks, splinters, or leftover paint. Our full
range of sanding tools offers products to
suit any deck. Important: Always sand in
the direction of the wood grain. Our plastic
hand sander in combination with the
HAYDN Dry Rubbing Sanding Sheets will
be a quick and easy choice to reach any
stairs and sideboards. Attach the
extension pole to get the main deck sorted
before finishing the job with our handy
HADYN Angled Sanding Sponge to get
into all the hard-to-reach areas.

3  Brush of the dust


Reach once more for the HAYDN Deck
Scrubbing Brush to remove any dust and

 4 Tape it

The deck is prepped, now focus on all the
areas surrounding the boards. Masking
anything that needs to be protected from
the stain is a breeze with the HAYDN Trade
Masking Tape which is removable for up to
30 days, fully waterproof, and a great
choice for any outdoor masking jobs.
Covering rough surfaces, glass, unfinished
wood, and metal. You can count on this
tape for super sharp edges with no bleed.

5 Put on your painting outfit

Our disposable overalls are an easy choice
to keep you protected at all times. Offers
CAT 1 protection against fibres, dirt, dust,
grease and grime, is disposable and
comes in many sizes. Combine this with
HAYDN shoe covers and gloves for full

For an easy clean up use the
Light Duty Plastic Protection Sheet to
cover up areas bordering the deck and to
protect your garden from accidental

6 Mixing

Now it’s time to get the brushes, rollers,
trays and pots out and get started with the
main event. The HAYDN Wooden Paint
Stirrer is perfect for a 10 L bucket of stain.
Give it a good couple of minutes of stirring
before pouring the paint in the HAYDN
Paint Pot. 

TIP: If you are planning to use
more than one bucket of stain,
mix these together when pouring

7 Paint small areas/ Brush stain jobs

Our HAYDN 1000 series is a great choice
for outdoor DIY painting projects. The
different sized brushes will make it easy to
get into corners and in between the
boards to seal and protect your deck for
years to come.


BREAK TIME Needing a break?

HAYDN Brush Baggy
will cover up your paintbrush while you
are gone. Our 25-75mm bags will seal
your brush and keep it from drying out,
saving cleaning time getting you on your
coffee break quicker. Brush Baggies
come in 5 different sizes and once you
are ready to get back to work simply pull
out the brush and you are good to go.


8 Stain top and steps

To evenly stain the top of the deck the
HAYDN 230mm Deck and Stain Paint
Pad will be the top tool. Combine this
with the Haydn 100mm Mini Rag Roller
Kit to help you out with steps, sideboards
and any areas difficult to reach.

9 Second Coat

Depending on your colour choice a
second coat may be needed to fully finish
the deck. Oil based stains soak deep into
softwoods. Wait at least 12 hour for the
first coat to soak through before starting
on another layer.

TIP: When planning how much
stain to buy keep in mind that a
second coat never needs as
much as the first.

10 Enjoy your new deck and invite your besties over for a drink in the sun

Rip off the masking tape and get the
outdoor furniture back out once all layers
have had at least 12 hour to dry.
Sit back,
relax and enjoy your deck for many
summers to come.



 Available from all leading paint and hardware stores.
Can’t find it? Ask Haydn at to
direct you to your closest stockist.