Brush Breakdown

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Haydn is more than just paint brushes, but this is where our roots are firmly set. The paint brush industry has evolved at an alarming rate over the years taking us from carefully hand crafted locally made (even delivered on a bicycle) to cost-effective imported ranges. There have been many factors that have forced the evolution of paint brushes from cost, through to technology and volume. Haydn has worked along side our overseas suppliers to develop the best in hand made paint brushes to New Zealand. 

One of the biggest evolutionary changes to paint brushes has been the filament types. Traditionally paint brushes were made with either white or black hog bristle. Natural filaments have always been desired for superior paint pick up and retention, offering naturally flagged and tapered tips allowing for a smooth finish along with durability. Over time with extensive research and development there has been a demand and need for change due to increased costs of natural materials which has seen a drive towards the use of synthetic filaments. In many cases, when produced correctly, we have seen this development in synthetic filaments evolve to become as good as, if not better than, its natural hog bristle counterpart.
Technology has advanced and continues to do so in order to produce man-made filaments which now mimic and often outperform natural filaments. The two main types of filament available on the market today are a blended filament and synthetic filaments.

The process however of making paint brushes has mostly gone unchanged. Although we have seen changes in the filaments used; handles, ferrules, tacks and the glue all remain much the same. 

Handles are commonly manufactured using wood or plastic, sometimes rubber is used as a comfort grip option. There are two different shapes which the industry refers to as beaver tail and sash handle, gone are the days where kaiser shaped handles were once produced. Wooden handles are lacquered, painted or left natural, while plastic is generally always painted unless produced to a specific colour as seen with our Haydn Fence brush range. All wooden handles are FSC certified. This certification shows the wood is sourced in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way.

Ferrules and tacks are made from stainless steel to avoid rust and stain leaching into your paint. While the glue used is solvent resistant. All these components ensure quality, durability and longevity of the paint brush.

Generally speaking all brushes are reusable. It’s simple to follow the care instructions, and by storing your brushes in the recyclable packaging they will serve you for multiple jobs to come. The flow on effect is that it can save money and plays a part in looking after the environment by reducing the amount of ‘single use’ items carelessly filling our landfills. 

 Haydn continues to listen to the market and works hard to produce paint brushes that meet consumer demands which have resulted in a diverse, ever expanding range. You won’t struggle to find a brush that’s fit for every job, budget and preference.


 Available from all leading paint and hardware stores. Can’t find it? Ask Haydn at to direct you to your closest stockist.