Chalk Paint Brush is the Ideal brush for your Upcycling project!

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These days, it is popular to take old and obsolete items and give them a new, fresh look with different purposes. It could be a decorative piece or functional furniture with a vintage touch given by chalk paint, one of the most preferred matte paints for upcycling. Most of us wonder if a random paintbrush may work with chalk paint. To help you choose the right paint brush for Chalk Paint, we have put together a few tips to consider.

Look for the ideal brush shape!

The ideal shape for a chalk paintbrush is an oval head paintbrush, designed to hold a large amount of paint, enabling it to distribute the paint evenly in one go, achieving a smooth finish, as it features tapered bristles.
Another option is the wax round one, specially designed for the traditional chalk paint that needs sealing. The ones with round and straight-ended shaped bristles are by far the best and mean applying wax is an absolute doddle!

The bigger the paintbrush, the better the results.

This statement may or may not apply depending on the shape of the item you want to paint. However, the key lies in the width of the brush head. For instance, for covering extensive and even surfaces, opt for a wider brush head, while for tight areas, tricky corners, and narrow sections, using a small brush is ideal. If the furniture, cupboard, or door has carved details, small, rounded brushes are the one to go for.

Does the paintbrush matter for painting with chalk paint?

In the painting industry, you can find a variety of paintbrushes available in different shapes and sizes, ranging from inexpensive, multi-use brushes to high-quality, specialized brushes designed for specific types of paint, tasks, and results. While there is no hard and fast rule dictating that you must purchase the most expensive paintbrush for painting with chalk paint, it is worth considering selecting the appropriate paintbrush wisely.
Certainly, technique and practice account for 80% of achieving a great result but choosing a low-quality tool may increase the chance of spending more time fixing the mess it could make. To provide the best quality tools for your projects, Haydn has developed the Chalk Professional Paint Brush. Crafted from a blend of stiff natural bristle and synthetic filament mix, it is perfect for holding a large amount of chalk paint and smoothly dragging it across the surface. Featuring an oval or round shape, stainless steel ferrule, and a smooth wooden handle ergonomically shaped for effortless painting application.
In conclusion, opting for a chalk paint brush is preferable to avoid the hassle of fixing or starting over your project due to poor results. To learn more about upcycling furniture with chalk paint, read our "Upcycle Time" blog.

Enjoy your next DIY project with Haydn!