Upcycle Time

It's upcycle time and we have tried one of the most popular DIY furniture paint options out there. Rust-oleum Chalked Paint can be brushed on to create a soft, modern finish or distressed to create a stylish polished, vintage look. This fast drying paint transforms the look and feel of furniture and home décor while providing do-it-yourselfers the ease and economy of one-coat coverage. The thick formula is ideal for distressing projects to create vintage looks, or providing surfaces with a soft, velvety feel. The Matte Clear Topcoat is recommended for use in place of traditional waxes for added protection and durability. 


Chalked Ultra Matte Paint is a low-odor, water-based paint that is applied easily with no stripping or sanding needed. It is available nationwide in six on-trend colors, two tint bases, and a Matte Clear Protective Topcoat for a stunning palette of 31 colour options. It can be used to decorate wood, metal, ceramic, canvas, and more.  Each can cover up to 14 m².

“Chalked Ultra Matte Paint is a trendy and budget-friendly way to transform furniture and home décor,” says Megan Newton, Brand Manager of Rust-Oleum.  “With the easy option to distress or modernize projects, do-it-yourselfers might just find pieces of furniture begging for a new look.”




Step by Step Guidelines:

  • To begin, cover the surrounding area to protect the surface you are painting on from paint drips and over-spray also allowing for easy clean up. 
  • Next, remove any drawer hardware (such as draw handles) to simplify the paint job. If you wish these handles can be spray painted with Rust-Oleum Aerosol Metallic Silver Spray. 
  • Remove the draws and set aside to paint separately. Sanding and priming are not required but for best results on a high gloss surface or bare wood, we recommend you lightly sand first. Afterwards, wipe surfaces completely clean of any debris and dust to ensure a smooth even surface.
  • When preparation is finished be sure to read the instructions on the back on the paint can before you begin application. Once ready, stir the paint thoroughly until it has reached a consistent colour and texture. For the best results, try using a Haydn Chalk Brush to apply the paint in light even strokes. Avoid over brushing. Most projects can achieve the desired look with only one coat of chalked paint, you can add one or two additional coats if preferred. Be sure to wait 30 minutes between each coat. Then allow your project to dry completely which will take around 4 hours. 
  • The next step, which is optional, is to distress your project. To add a distressed aged or vintage chic look, you can lightly sand the surface with fine-to-medium sandpaper or sanding block. Focus your sanding on the edges and corners. Take off as much paint as you wish depending on the look you are after. The more you sand, the more the original surface will show through. Once you are finished, wipe the surface clean of any dust and debris.
  • The final step is to help protect your furniture and keep it durable. The best way to do this is to finish it off with one coat of Rust-Oleum Aerosol Chalked Paint - Matte Clear Top Coat. Leave this to dry fully before replacing hardware and draws.



Whether you’re wanting to up-cycle or breathe life into a tired piece your only limit is your imagination as the possibilities are endless with Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Chalked Paint.



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