Milk, The Perfect Palette

Revive forgotten furniture and décor with the latest release Rust-Oleum Milk Paint Finish. This light textured paint has a unique effect and features a modern, matte finish providing an authentic antique touch to your project. Milk Paint’s premixed, one-step application bonds easily to most surfaces with no primer needed. One coat of Milk Paint renders a semi-transparent, modernised finish which highlights the wood grain. Add additional coats or multiple colours to create your own custom look. And if you are after a distressed appearance simply lightly sand until you have created the desired effect.

Rust-Oleum Milk Paint allows you to upcycle worn out furniture and décor pieces without covering their timeless beauty and design. This highly versatile paint requires no top coat and minimal prep to highlight wood grain. Use to create other surface effects on raw or painted/varnished wood, metal, aluminium or glass surfaces. Apply a light coat in a "V" pattern to achieve a high-quality washed look with subtle texture. Apply multiple coats or layer paint to create your own custom paint project.


Rust-Oleum’s Milk Paint Finish creates a subtle matte, brushed effect with a light texture. Increased durability and adhesion properties built into the formula means Milk Paint Finish won’t chip. Milk Paint Finish is easily layered in order to achieve the desired coverage. 

Available in six on trend colours, Milk Paint Finish is popular for home décor and furniture projects. This Milk Paint Finish highlights the original details of the piece, giving an antique look and feel. Recommended for wood (raw and painted/varnished), metal, aluminium and glass. 

Features include:

  • Easy application with minimal prep needed
  • Low VOC and water-based for easy clean up
  • Quick drying with a low odour allowing for easy use in any environment
  • Lightly textured feel with a matte finish
  • Available in 1 quart / 946ml
  • Six great colours: Venetian Yellow, Highland Blue, Navy, Kensington Grey, Eclipse, Classic White

As with any project, preparation is important. When using Milk Paint Finish it is recommend you remove all hardware and wash the surface with soap and water to get rid of any dirt and grime. Clear away loose paint and lightly sand surface. The application process can then begin. Apply a light coat to the surface by brushing in a 'V' pattern to attain a washed look. Milk Paint finishes with a subtle texture, preserving the antique feel. Wait 30 minutes before re-coating. Re-coat multiple times to obtain desired colour and texture. Sand edges lightly to enact a worn look to your project.

Here's a quick transformation using Rust-oleum Milk Paint in Venetian Yellow. 






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