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Have you ever found yourself buying your roller sleeves based purely on the cheapest price and not really giving it much thought or just genuinely have no idea? Most people put great consideration and time into planning their home decorating project by picking the correct colour, sheen and quality brand of paint, so why not put the same consideration into picking their paint applicators? More often than not they’re happy to invest a hefty sum to get this season’s hottest look and shade of paint... yet when it comes to how the job is executed they scrimp and save on the paint applicator which leaves them unhappy with the end result due to runs, bubbles, splatters and having to pick off loose bits of roller fluff. (Yuck)

Well... fear no more we are here to explain the Roller Sleeve ins and outs and we will guide you through our full range so you can have a better start to a better finish.

Here at Haydn, we have pioneered the introduction of roller sleeve fabrics to the New Zealand market that is compatible with all paint types. All Haydn roller sleeves use plastic core technology making them impervious to solvents, practically seamless, tougher and more durable than cardboard cores.

There are three main factors you should consider when selecting your roller sleeves.

1. Choose the range: Haydn has three main ranges of roller sleeves catering for the everyday DIY’er right through to the most discerning professional.

DIY: An economical roller sleeve for the everyday handyman through to the professional. The DIY range is easily identified with the “red” accents on the packaging. This range consists of three polyester sleeves coming in Smooth 6mm nap, Semi Rough 10mm nap, Rough 32mm nap and a mohair and foam sleeve to complete the set.

TRADE: A superior roller sleeve perfect for the serious home handyman to the everyday tradesperson. The trade range boasts a range of four microfibre sleeves in Super Smooth 4mm nap, Smooth 6mm nap, Semi Rough 9mm nap and Rough 15mm nap. Microfibre technology has revolutionised paint roller sleeves. The finish from microfibre rollers has been likened to a spray finish, there is no spatter or dripping. The sleeves hold more paint than other rollers, so coverage is faster.

PROFESSIONAL: This is Haydn’s premium range of roller sleeves for the professional. The professional range includes draylon Smooth 6mm nap, Semi Smooth 8mm nap, Semi Rough 10mm nap and Rough 19mm nap. You can also choose pure lambs wool in a Semi Rough 12mm nap or a Rough 25mm nap. Mohair and foam sleeves with a 5mm nap are also available in the professional range. These materials offer superb paint pick up leaving the finest quality finish.

2. What type of surface are you painting? 

We’ve made it easy for you to identify which Haydn sleeve you need by representing each range with a colour. DIY is RED, TRADE is BLUE and PROFESSIONAL is GREY. In addition to this, the NAP is clearly indicated with the corresponding letter.

Nap or fabric length of the roller (nap length may vary 1mm +/-) is relevant to the surface you are painting. For example, if you were painting a smooth wall with no imperfections you would use a 4-6mm nap. (Green A or Purple B). Haydn has a full range of nap lengths available for every painting surface from Super Smooth to Rough.


3. What product are you painting with? 

We offer a roller sleeve for all paint types. It is imperative that you select the right sleeve for the paint type to ensure the perfect finish. This way you avoid having bubbles, runs and streaks in your paint. There are symbols on each roller sleeve that indicate what it is suitable for so make sure you keep an eye out for these - Water based, Oil based or Polyurethane.


 Available from all leading paint and hardware stores. Can’t find it? Ask Haydn at to direct you to your closest stockist.