Mini But Mighty

  • 1 min read
Painting jobs come in all shapes and sizes and a good painting professional is ready for anything. So when you find yourself in a tight situation Haydn has mini rollers manufactured with some of the same quality materials you’ll find in their larger roller sleeves.

You apply paint with mini rollers the same way you would with larger roller sleeves, only they are ideal for hard to reach places like behind toilets and sinks, spindles on staircases, kitchen cabinets and other decorative accents or spots that are just beyond your reach. Because they perform the same as Haydn larger roller sleeves your finish will look consistent across the entire job.

Haydn has a variety of mini rollers with two sizes available, 110mm and 160mm. In most cases, they are offered as a two pack, ten pack, a set (two sleeves and a handle) and a kit (one sleeve, a handle and a tray).

Overall, mini rollers have grown in popularity because they allow greater accuracy, are light and convenient to use, perform well with great results and are easy to clean.

So there you have it, a mini but mighty tool that offers to solve a range of complexities for any application. Check them out next time you’re at your local hardware store.


 Available from all leading paint and hardware stores. Can’t find it? Ask Haydn at to direct you to your closest stockist.