Hands Up For Handy

  • 1 min read

Are you looking for useful, convenient, practical and easy-to-use painting products? Look no further than our newest addition to the family, HANDy Paint Products.

HANDy paint products were designed to make your painting projects a breeze. The collection of products boasts a well-designed and functional arsenal of paint pails, paint tray and liners to complement, as well as a paint cup, perfect for smaller projects.

All are ruggedly constructed for both professional and DIY painters, designed to withstand years of use and are solvent resistant, working well with any paint or stain.

Features to note are the genius additions of a built-in magnetic brush holder and comfort grip adjustable handle on the HANDy paint cup. Similar characteristics are seen on the HANDy paint tray, possessing ergonomic handles for easy transportation along with a built-in roller grid.

The success of the HANDy Paint Pail saw the introduction of the HANDy Pro Paint Pail, offering the same qualities but designed for larger painting projects.

Quick clean-up and easy colour changes are made possible by the HANDy paint pail and tray liners. These time-saving disposable liners are specifically for use with the HANDy paint pails and trays.

It’s definitely a hands up from us at Haydn, because painting just got a whole lot easier with these HANDy tools of the trade.


 Available from all leading paint and hardware stores.
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