The Ultimate Cover Up

  • 1 min read

After months of investigation and product testing, the development team at Haydn are now able to roll out the ideal all weather protection against paint overspray and spatter.

The ability to economically and efficiently shield interior and exterior surfaces exactly where you need it comes in the form of the latest release of Haydn Masking Film Pre-Cloth Taped Refills. 

These opaque pull-down drop sheets are 10 microns thick, ultraviolet resistant and corona treated making them a quick and easy masking film solution.

Corona treatment is the solution to a well know problem. Corona treatment is a high-frequency discharge that increases the adhesion of a plastic surface so this means that the paint sticks to film with no flaking giving you a clean, tidy and easy way to protect your surfaces. 

Best of all they come complete with a pre-taped highly durable cloth tape edge that offers excellent adhesion properties at both high and low temperatures. This tape performs well on rough surfaces, will leave no residue and also has excellent UV resistance. 

Haydn Masking Film Pre-Cloth Taped Refills are available in four sizes giving you the options and flexibility for any job site. 

So there you have it, whatever you need to protect, from windows and doors to cabinets, floors, walls, bathtubs and showers, Haydn Masking Film Pre-Cloth Taped Refills do it all.

Haydn® Masking Film Codes are PAMFCTR14, PAMFCTR18, PAMFCTR27, PAMFCTR36.




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