When you opt for a manual sanding tool, you may consider the type of job you will be doing and the grit of the sandpaper. Using too coarse paper on a smooth surface will create scratches while using too fine paper on a first coat of plastering will prolong the job. Let's dive in and find the ideal Haydn tool for your next DIY project!

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Choosing the right primer can be a real challenge. We had a closer look at Zinsser Primers to understand when and why primer-sealers should be used before putting new colour on your walls. 
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We care about your future.

Which is why we spend a lot of our time, not energy, creating quality tools and equipment that can be used again and again and again.

However, taking care of your essential painting tools is just as important as investing in good equipment in the first place. So we put together a guide on how to look after your brushes and rollers and keep them in perfect shape so you can reuse them for many years to come.


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Winter is the perfect time to get some indoor projects organised and brighten up your day with a splash of fresh colour on your walls.

Starting out with home improvement projects can be a little scary, so to get your walls looking fab in no time we put together a step by step guide. To us it doesn’t matter if you are a complete newbie or have been swinging the paintbrush for decades, we got all the tools you will need to get your dream coat of paint on the wall.

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After months of investigation and product testing, the development team at Haydn are now able to roll out the ideal all weather protection against paint overspray and spatter.
The ability to economically and efficiently shield interior and exterior surfaces exactly where you need it comes in the form of the latest release of Haydn Masking Film Pre-Cloth Taped Refills. 
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Get Primed for the easiest way to Eliminate Mould. The water-based protective coating can be painted directly over mould and mildew on interior and exterior surfaces.
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