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The ultimate cover up!

If you are getting involved in a renovation, protecting your floors may not be the first thing you think of but it is extremely important. When your project involves painting, construction, or refurnishing, you may need temporary floor protection while you are having work done. Certain renovation and construction tasks involve heavy machinery, sharp tools, painting and high traffic. With quality temporary floor coverings, you’ll be able to protect your floors during these various jobs, saving you plenty of money in the long run.

First off is our trusty Builder Board, this board rolls out fast and flat and is a durable surface protection. It defends against water, paint, heavy foot traffic and machinery. Our Haydn Builder Board is a contractor-grade construction board that is water-resistant with Liquid Shield Technology as well as being 100% recyclable.

Our Builder Board range includes the Project Edition which is a lighter version of Builder Board. It is also now available in a ‘2X’ edition. Haydn Builder Board Project Edition 2X is twice the length of the standard Project Edition Rolls. The Project Editions are lighter weight making the rolls easier to handle on the job.

Certain surfaces, such as concrete or freshly finished floors, require time to cure. This means you cannot simply cover the floors with plastic or generic cardboard because that will prevent the surfaces from breathing and curing correctly. All our Builder Board products are breathable which allows air to pass through, so your floors can continue to cure.

Ram Board Stair Amour is like Builder Board but specifically for stairs. This product is great as it has adjustable tread sizing, bull-nose protection, and Spill Guard Technology which protects the stairs from getting wet. Stair Armour is the absolute end-all of stair protection and is another thing to consider when renovation or doing building construction!

After covering all your hard floors and stairs, you then need to consider your carpet. Haydn Carpet film is one of the best investments anyone can make as it protects the carpet from paint spills, dirt, dust and marks. Carpet Film has long been used in the painting and construction industries to cover carpets and protect them from dirt or damage. Since 2012 Haydn have been providing their customers with high-quality self-adhesive carpet protection that is a non-trip hazard that stays securely in place and is proven and safe for covering carpet.

Haydn Protective Carpet Film is a self-adhering clear polyethylene film with a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on one side and tough puncture resistant polyethylene film on the other. Our rolls are reverse-wound to make application easy by simply ‘kicking’ the roll out in front of you or using our Surface Shields 4 in 1 Multi-Applicator. Available in 4 sizes ranging from 270mm to 1m to ensure every job is covered. Not only used on the job site but a great choice of temporary carpet protection that can be used for kids parties, heavy public thoroughfares at events, inside cars during high-wear and high dirt situations or when moving house.

TDS sheets and application instructions are available with all Haydn Carpet Film Protection to ensure the user always has all important information available to them. This guarantees the carpet film is used correct first time and leaves no residue behind.

Haydn Drop covers are a great option if you need something quick to throw over surfaces when doing a paint job! Our drop cloths can be used to cover more than just the floor, they can be used to cover furniture, appliances and more. The drop cover reduces clean up time and can be used multiple times. 

The Haydn Absorbent Fleece Drop Cover is the leak-proof version of the Haydn drop cover! It is a highly absorbent, versatile drop cover is multi-use, made from recycled materials and is reusable. Its plastic anti-slip backing provides added leak-proof protection which is closely bonded with the fleece so it can’t be torn easily giving you a lightweight yet tough protection solution.

And newest to the pack of Haydn is the Surface Shields Water Shield. It is twice as thick and more durable than standard kraft paper. It is water-resistant so it will protect expensive flooring from paint, water and more.

The great range of Haydn Surface protection will keep you covered through any renovation. So let's get the job done!

Haydn Surface Protection Breakdown

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