Who is Alex?

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Alex is a painter's best friend!

The Alex range of products from DAP are designed with the professional painter in mind; easy to use, high performance products.

Alex Plus® Spackling is the new CRACKSHOT. Reformulated and relaunched with new branding, Alex Plus Spackling is a premium spackling for filling holes and cracks in surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood, brick, metal and stone. Its ready-to-use, smooth, white formula spreads easily for fast, professional repairs that will not crack, crumble or flake. It has a de-aired texture for excellent tooling and easy smoothing to a feather edge.

Alex Plus Spackling sands effortlessly. It can even be finger sanded – no sandpaper needed when sanding small nail holes or hammer dents in drywall - Just use finger to smooth dried spackling before painting. Alex Plus Spackling provides superior paint-ability. It does not flash or gloss low sheen/flat paint. It accepts paint like bare drywall or other porous surfaces and provides a very smooth surface that disappears when painted. Alex Plus Spackling dries quickly but has a long working time and will not gum up on knife. It can be used for interior or exterior applications. In short - its everything the professional wants in a filler.

Alex® Painters Caulk is an all-purpose caulk that applies smoothly and easily. It adheres to a wide variety of surfaces like wood, metal, drywall, and most common building materials. Tacking off in around 30 minutes, it is paintable after 2 hours, with either water or oil based paints. This makes it ideal for use inside and out. Its low odour and low VOC formula means it washes up easily in water and has an expected 25 year durability life time. Alex is ideal for all your caulking needs, BUT if you need the job done a bit faster, Alex still has your back…

Alex Fast Dry® is specifically formulated to meet the demanding needs of professional painters and deliver outstanding paint finish results. It can be brush painted in 20 minutes after application or spray painted immediately (we told you it was fast!), so the job gets finished faster. This durable, flexible caulk won’t crack or discolour paint and doesn’t pick up dirt. It has outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, provides a 100% waterproof seal and cured caulk is mould and mildew resistant. It applies smoothly and easily and has an expected 50 year durability.




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